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Why join ISCEP?

ISCEP is an international organisation promoting the acquisition, evaluation, dissemination, and application of scientific knowledge on the epidemiology and prevention of cardiovascular disease. ISCEP promotes international collaboration between health professionals and researchers.

Membership of ISCEP is open to health professionals, researchers, and policy-makers who have demonstrated serious interest in epidemiology, prevention, or rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases.

There are two types of membership:


As a full, fee-paying member, you will be entitled to vote at Society meetings and shall be eligible for election to office on our council. Additionally, you will receive copies of all reports issued on behalf of the Society. Membership costs $25 per year. To apply, click the button below to download the application form. Please fill in and return to the address indicated in the form, along with your payment details.

Membership Application


Online membership gives you:

  • exclusive access to members-only sections of the website
  • the ability to create an online profile and search through other profiles to encourage collaboration
  • access to discussion forums, including exclusive groups for alumni of the Ten Day Teaching Seminars
  • quarterly e-newsletters

Online membership currently is free and does not require full membership of ISCEP. To become an online member, please fill in the web form below, and we will be in touch.

Note: please only fill in Alumni Year if you have previously attended our Ten Day Seminar as a fellow.