The 50th Ten-Day International Teaching Seminar on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention will take place from June 17th - 29th, 2018, in Goa, India.

The International Society of Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention announces the 50th Ten-Day International Teaching Seminar on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention to be held in June 17-29, Goa, India. The seminar is co-hosted by Prof. Nikhil Tandon, Prof & Head Department of Cardiology, ALL India institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi  and Prof. Dorairaj Prabhakaran, Executive Director, Centre for Chronic Disease Control, New Delhi India. Approximately 36 Fellows can be accepted. 

The final selection will be made by the Society's Seminar Committee.  Nominees should normally be at the postgraduate level with residency training or its equivalent, and be interested in cardiovascular disease epidemiology.  Normally, preference will be given to younger candidates, with little or no formal training in epidemiology.  Tuition, board and accommodation are provided without cost to fellows. Fellows and their sponsors are responsible for their own travel costs to the seminar. 

Fluency in English is an absolute essentail

Should any accepted Fellow be unable to attend, no substitute not reviewed by the Seminar Committee may be sent as an alternate by the institution.

There is no formal application form.   Applications, including (1) a  signed letter of nomination by chief of department or institution, or other relevant sponsor (2) a personal letter of application from the nominee, and (3) the applicant's curriculum vitae, should be received by February 1,  2018 by the seminar coordinator at the address below.  Applications can be sent by email.


                        Professor Kay-Tee Khaw,

                        Clinical Gerontology Unit, Box 251

                        University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine,

                        Addenbrooke's Hospital,

                        Cambridge CB2 2QQ,

                        United Kingdom.


                        Fax:                  +44-1223-336928

                        Tel:                  +44-1223-336927



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Head over to About the seminars for more information on the history of ISCEP, and what is involved in the ten day seminar.